So here we are at the bordering the end of 2018. And what a crazy year it’s been.

I started a new job, lost my boss, had my company acquired, and took a major business trip to Japan for almost 2 weeks.

Most recently, we also lost a loved one. 二舅婆 went home to the Lord very suddenly after suffering a brain haemorrhage, and life support was terminated at 1015hrs Melbourne time on Boxing Day.

It’s the last working day of the year for me and to be honest, I AM VERY RELIEVED.


Hello again, Nippon.

So in the end, D-day arrived.

I never thought I’d be going back to Japan so soon, and especially not that I’d be going by myself.

But what better country to go to for my first overseas trip than Japan?

I guess this is one for the books. Let’s make it an epic one.


I’ve been trying to check in for my flight since forever but it seems Scoot has decided to take that part of their website offline for yonkers.

Gahhh what a bad start!😣


1) not packed

2) stuff still not laundered

3) train tickets not bought
I am totally winging this.


Work and other things

There are days like today where I have so much I want to say, and yet the words escape me.

Life on the work front is proving challenging, there’s never a dull day with nothing to day. Something always seems to crop up at the last possible moment, or when you think you can take a breather.

In other news, I attended a Dayre Tea Party on the weekend, hosted by Eustacia. It has been ages since I plucked up the courage to do a Dayre-anything, so I was understandably nervous going to this and meeting new people. Thankfully, everyone was really sweet and there were definitely A LOT of teas. I was so buzzed on the caffeine and ended up.sleeping at almost 5am. 😂


Sick puff.

Coby is sick 😦

Came home at almost midnight after having to OT, to a pup surrounded by diarrhoea and vomit. I tried to palpate his tummy but I think he’s fairly bloated still. Long story short, I have a very cranky dog.

Gave him some meds and we’ll monitor overnight to see if he improves. We both work full-time jobs so realistically, we might not get to his usual vet until Sat. Sigh.


Let it be written. Let it be done.

Thanks for your patience, everyone! After camping for a few hours earlier today (can’t win against the fast mouse fingers), I finally managed to export everything out from Dayre and onto WordPress. Only a week left until it’s fate is sealed. I wonder we’ll hear back from SGBB before then?

Kudos to @dayxport, by the way, for coming up with this awesome workaround to port my stuff over in such a fuss-free manner! I’m so tempted to get started on my long overdue holiday posts. My initial thoughts was that Dayre would always be there and so I procrastinated, and rarely updated on the go, save for the day I queued for hours at 明治神宮 (Meiji-jingu). Plus you needed to turn back the clock to backdated things, so I suppose it was a minor turnoff.

Maybe I should give it a go now…? 🤔


Let it 狗

It’s new year’s eve! Happy 除夕, everyone! The radio is playing a list of gou (狗) music and ‘Let It Go’ started. 😂

In other news, half day at work today! For the first time I needn’t fret about what to eat for lunch. It’s a real dilemma because the price range varies so much in my work area. I’m tempted to go try out nice food but it’s freaking ex! I don’t believe in spending $100 on lunch every week.

I hope the office will have a more relaxed atmosphere today, despite the shorter working hours. It’s always a mad rush to get through the work day and clear out by six.


Somehow, someway, we ended up at IKEA instead of going home to finish tidying up our house. 😂 It’s a super spur of the moment thing where I saw this shelf and thought it’d be perfect to replace my current makeshift crate bedside table so we hightailed our way over to Tampines after work. Only to find out that while we were stuffing our faces full of hotdogs, curry puffs and froyo, the said shelf was being bought out. 😫

So we crazily decided to drive all the way to Alexandra to try our luck since the website said there were still 32 pieces left (sometimes it can say 100 but in actual fact, there’s zilch left on the racks).


We manage to score this baby in the end! YASSSSS~~~